Call Sprint Customer Service a Whole Bunch to Avoid Early Termination Fees

 Cnet ran into a somewhat interesting story about Sprint getting mad with some of their customers that call to complain too often.  So Sprint decided to churn through these complaint happy customers and dump them.  Sprint sent out a 30 + day notice to some of their customers on June 29.  The customers were informed that they had until July 31 to find a new wireless provider if they wanted to keep their phone numbers.

Sprint was also nice enough not to charge their customers and early cancellation fee of $200 for getting canceled by Sprint.

One canceled customer reportedly had called to have a billing error fixed.  Sprint re-routed her call multiple times and hung up on her.  She feels that Sprint is now canceling her account because their own call center system may have made it look like she called in more than she really did.

This strategic move to cancel customers before they cancel on Sprint might be the best thing that ever happened to many Sprint customers.  The Nextel customers that got stuck with Sprint after one of the most ill conceived mergers in the telecom world mixing Sprint's horrendous track record of bad call quality and even poorer customer service with Nextel's business customer base, might get lucky with an early out also.  This has to be one of the strangest moves that a wireless company could take, but its not terribly surprising as there just seems to be something flawed in the DNA of Sprint's corporate culture.

There are probably a large number of Sprint Customers that would probably love to get out of the terrible contract they are stuck in.  Maybe all they need to do is call in to customer service a little more often during peak calling hours.  Then maybe come the end of July, they will get that most sought after letter saying that there Sprint contract will be canceled without any early cancellation fees!

Sprint breaks up with high-maintenance customers | Tech news blog - CNET

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