The Right Stuff, Drunk and Sabotaged

Now that the public has developed at taste for scandal at NASA, it seems only fitting that NASA would seize upon the opportunity to prove the axiom that there is no such thing as bad publicity.  So following the diaper wearing astronaut that drove half way across the country to kidnap her lovers new girlfriend, NASA has been struggling to find its next 'moon shot' in the tabloids.

Fortunately, some of the astronauts didn't have to much difficulty in figuring out a new waive of buzz in the media, after all most of them are rocket scientists.

Apparently, some of those rocket scientists have been tying one on before a launch and showing up the next morning to fly still very drunk.  So drunk in fact that they were identified to be a risk to the mission and its safety.  But they were allowed to fly.

Then contractors at NASA identified some electronics gear intended to be installed on the International Space Center that had been sabotaged as well. 

The damage to wiring in an electronics box was intentional and obvious, NASA's associate administrator for space operations, Bill Gerstenmaier told reporters at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA probes sabotage, report says pilots flew drunk - US

Now, the drunkenness is definitely disturbing when you consider that people's lives are riding on each and every mission not to mention the billions of dollars that US citizens have invested in NASA over the years.  Given the antics that are coming to light, it seems unlikely that sabotage is less than serious.  Its probably not some prank being played by a bunch of jockie types trying to one up each other with practical jokes and hazing attempts, replacing diet suppliments like hydroxycut with laxatives or something. Flying a space shuttle under the influence should be against the law (if its not already) and sabotage of space equipment could possibly be a treasonable offence. Imagine what other countries would say if a tragedy happened at the international space station because American equipment went into space after it had been tampered with.

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