UK Broadband Directory - UK v US Broadband rate correlation

About half of our readers here on Maven Mapper's Information are from the United Kingdom.  I was doing a little comparison between services from the United States to the same services offered in the United Kingdom.

I noticed that while gasoline is more expensive in the UK than it is in the US, it is much easier to find Cheap Broadband in the United Kingdom.  Not only are there more offerings, but the average rates are less than what you find in the US.  In fact when you look at US based companies like AOL operating in the UK,they seem to export their high US price structure to the UK and end up competing with a service package 3 times higher than the average Broadband Provider.

I haven't put together a more detailed comparison yet these are still just first impressions.  However, I am somewhat intrigued to the correlation of gas to broadband rates.

In the US we have low gas prices and high broadband prices.  While the inverse can be found in the UK where broadband prices are low and gas prices are high.

Plus its also easier to Compare Broadband in the UK than it is in the US.  I suspect this has more to do with a smaller geographical area.

Snap shot of partial index of UK broadband prices

1 Responses:

Angie said...

The UK still has a lot of free providers too, don't they? Free has gone the way of the Dodo bird here in the US.


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