Camera Phones Everywhere


Tonight as I watch President Obama give a speech about the economic Stimulus package, I noticed that several members of the press in the front of the room were capturing video of the President in the Oval Office.

Now this is live video at an event that is also being televised by every major network.  Is it important or necessary for any given person, especially a member of the press to ALSO get some video of the President on their camera phone?

No its not, but everyone these days is doing it.  Go to a concert and you will see hundreds of cell phones recording video at any given minute or second of the concert.  The same goes for all live events.  Its just a reality of our culture these days.

If you are involved in a live event there will be cameras.  Odds are you may even get caught up in the stream yourself and there is already free facial recognition software starting to become mainstream on photo sharing sites.

Soon we will have an index or automated tagging system for every person that shows up at every event around the world.  Are we ready for that level of visual inclusion and transparency at the expense of personal privacy?

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