In Case You Missed it Personal Privacy is Dead on the Internet

Privacy is dead on the internet.  imageThere are millions of examples of this, but yesterday TMZ found a new way to prove it by publishing pictures of the battered face of pop star Rihanna.  Her current boyfriend, Chris Brown, is accused of beating her during an argument.

The LA Police are investigating the leak of this photo, which would seem to confirm the photo as a real photo as opposed to a doctored photoshop image. 

The internet and technology in general make it far too easy to share information.  This is not a good thing and not a bad thing.  It is a reality.  In this case, someone knowingly seems to have provided this photo to TMZ for sensational value.  However, there are many technologies these days that share images, video and sound of people all the time.  Often they don’t even know what they are sharing.

Facial recognition software is even making it possible for images or video that have been posted years earlier but not tagged.  So even if a person thinks that a moment for years or decades ago is water under the bridge future technologies might re-expose what might have felt like a private moment.

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