Google Earth – a Monopoly Play?

Today, I installed Google Earth on my computer.  This is a task that I go through every now and then.  Its a really cool application but is all to infamous for crashing any and all of the computers in our house hold (all relatively new computers, the oldest being 2 years old, the newest 3 months).


This time I noticed that without even giving me an opt out, Google also installed the Google Chrome browser on my machine.  :(

It instantly reminded me of the problems with Microsoft Windows 95/89 and auto installing Internet Explorer, plus making it very difficult to later remove it.  Now, Google has a US Monopoly on Search, and they are trying to capture something similar world wide.  I often find myself amazed every time they make a move that helps to demonstrate that they are not only a monopoly, but a monopoly that is abusing its power.


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