Economy Problems Making it Hard to Buy New Laptops

So the other day, I made plans to go to my local Best Buy and purchase a new laptop.  I had it all figured out based on a Best Buy ad that I had received over the weekend.

Video of me talking about my plans for a new laptop with blootooth capabilities.

Unfortunately, when I got to the store, all of the laptops on display were old models.  You see there was one thing that I couldn’t trust to specs and ads.

My initial reaction when I couldn’t buy a laptop.

The Keyboard!

I have had a toshiba for almost 2 years now and its a great computer, but the keyboard has sucked since day one.  I say sucked because it has caused me grief from the early days with keys that stick, and an impact level that jars my poor sensitive finger tips (yeah, I’m whining a little bit, but when I pay a thousand dollars for any whiz bang gadget, I don’t expect it to cause me physical pain!).

Best Buy is sometimes called the

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So this time around when I wanted to upgrade, I hoped to buy another Toshiba, but only if they have better keyboards.

Well anyway, they didn’t offer the new laptops on display just some very beat up old models (which might not even be in stock)??

When I tried the old models of toshiba on display, the small laptops 14 and 13 inch screens, they had great keyboards.  But the 15” and 17” laptops had keyboards that felt worse (looked better) than my own two year old toshiba

Can I get a WTF?

So today, I have resolved to head back to Best Buy.  I’m going to buy one of those laptops on sale in the flyer, site unseen(nice oxymoron that one!). 

I talked with my wife and she has volunteered to be a guinea pig.  You see we were looking to get 2 laptops.  One for her and one for me.

So she is going to try it out, if she likes it she will keep it.  If not, I’ll take it back and Best Buy and Toshiba can deal with it.

If I like it as well, then I will go back and buy a second one.

Its a stupid way to shop, but that’s the way it is …

As a side note, I looked at the BlueLabel Toshiba on display.  It had a great keyboard, but only 2 USB slots.  That seemed pretty stupid.  My current toshiba has 4, and that doesn’t seem like enough most of the time.  The bluelabel laptop they had on display was also not the same model that they have on their website. 

Double Doh!

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