Improving Technology Series - Hot Tub Covers with Ambience

This weekend as I took a short time to relax, I found an interesting new product that makes an improvement on the technology of hot tub covers.  This improvement did not come in the way the covers work, or what they are made out of, but how they look when your hot tub is - uncovered.


I've owned several hot tubs over the years and most hot tub covers are not terribly sexy nor relaxing, especially their under bellies.  In fact, underbelly is exactly how most hot tub covers look on the under side.  They look like the belly of a giant slimy cat fish and when you are trying to relax in a hot tub, staring at a glaring white behemoth, well its just not terribly relaxing nor peaceful.

Well, this company called has come up with an easy to install screen that attaches easily to hot tub covers with a special adhesive resistant to hot tub environments and chemicals.  It can add a great looking scene that will definitely be more peaceful and relaxing than the giant white underbelly ambience that comes standard with hot tubs today.


The price on these massive hot tub cover murals goes for a little over $200.  Your average hot tub cover itself can cost anywhere from $350 - $600 plus accessories like lift arms, so adding an accessory to deck your hot tub out like you are in a resort or spa could definitely be worth the investment.  Plus, if you look at these for what they are, a massive water proof/ chemical proof mural the price is likely a great deal cheaper than a mural would be if you tried to install it on an ordinary wall.

imageNow, personally, I prefer to keep my hot tub outside.  I enjoy relaxing under the stars and the trees.  The beauty of these hot tub covers is that it can help to quiet down the light that would normally reflect off your hot tub cover and help you to focus on your environment and nature instead of staring at what looks almost like a big bright screen.  After looking at it, I can't hardly imagine going back to my old hot tub cover where I'll probably always think of a blank Microsoft Word Document from now on until I upgrade my cover.

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