Wii Play Together and get Wii Fit Together

Wii Fit Yoga Pose with Wii Fit Pads

Nintendo is expected to hit another game out of the park.  This time they are not targeting teenagers or pre-teens or even young children.  They are not even targeting twenty or thirty something pre-grown ups that still have a video game fetish from their youths.

This time Nintendo is courting Mothers looking to get fit or stay fit.  The new Wii Fit can measure weight and body mass and much more to help engage people to get fit and keep trying. 

Players can chart their weight and body mass index over time and work to improve them by engaging in about 40 activities including yoga, aerobic step routines, strength and training exercises, and balance games. The balance board can track the progress of up to eight players, so users can encourage each other toward their respective goals.

For moms, Wii might have the perfect Fit

The Wii Fit comes with a balancing pad and a foam mattress like a yoga pad along with a game for the Wii itself.

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