Microsoft Walks Away From Yahoo!

In an amazing display, Microsoft has decided to walk away from the Yahoo! deal.  Yahoo! established some poison pill options that made a hostile take over unattractive and at the same time, Yahoo! rejected the higher offers that Microsoft offered.

That means that Yahoo! shareholders are now stuck with a leadership that can't execute and no better offers on the table.  The leadership at Yahoo! has been lost on the highway of the internet for the last 6-8 years without any gps tracking devices to help them chart a course and now it appears that they are not going to get any help in the short term.

Meanwhile Microsoft is going back to the drawing boards hoping to get ahead in the Online Advertising market on their own. 

They always say that you should never go into a negotiation that you are not willing to walk away from if you hope to get the best deal possible.  It would appear that Microsoft is living by that tip, and making a point to the world that they are not pigheaded enough to pursue an acquisition at any cost. 

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