Microsoft Takes a Fresh Look at Facebook


After walking away form Yahoo! (Microsoft Walks Away From Yahoo! ) Microsoft is taking a fresh look at its minority stake in Facebook and in Facebook itself.

Microsoft needs to find an innovative way to enter the online world and especially the online advertising world.  Google entered online advertising by getting in the middle of what people are looking for through a computer interface.

Facebook is a social network that can enable people to look for things by asking other people for their advice.  Its a new paradigm (sorry for dropping the over used word) and Microsoft might just be able to make something useful out of it after losing a shot at one of the oldest internet companies around and failing to make a deal.

If we were just talking about MySpace, the social network might only be good for finding good music and tips on the latest and greatest acne treatment, but Facebook goes a good bit beyond that even though it is starting to get bogged down with programs and applications.

Funny that last part, that is a similar problem that Microsoft routinely struggles with!

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