Thermal Glider Un-Manned Submarine Measures Climate Change


The above feature thermal glider flies through the oceans of the world measuring climate change.  It works on a thermal process that powers the craft along as the glider moves through ocean waters of different temperatures.  In warmer temperatures there is a wax inside that melts and as it does does it powers a pump and then rear fin.

Then The glider will swoop down 4000 feet deep gliding forwarder like a paper airplane.  When it reaches the right depth and temperature the cold will trigger balasts that will cause the craft to rise again and repeat.  The glider gathers information about temperature change and transmits that information to a satellite when it reaches the surface of the ocean.  The satellite transmission requires battery power, but those batteries are good for months.

Now there are cool jobs and then there are cool jobs.  Working as a Branson private golf pro might be a cool job, but working as an engineer making and driving an unmanned thermal glider submarine that can fly through the ocean around the world without having to re-power for months on end is definitely cool.




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