Microsoft Picks Up Danger is Motorola Next?

lx_blue_frntopen_low Microsoft is getting a great deal of attention for placing a bid on Yahoo! but another company purchase today is also significant.  Microsoft picked up Danger, maker of the sidekick and a company whose founder now works for Google on the GPhone project.

Danger is definitely a small company, but the Sidekick device is something that could have easily come straight out of  Microsoft video from the early 90's offering a vision of the mobile future.

We previously covered Motorola's intention to sell or drop its Cell Phone Segment or division.  (see Motorola Drops Call on Cellphone Division )

Click HereIt is still a good fit for Motorola and Microsoft's purchase further emphasizes the importance of a cellular play in the industry.  Motorola may not have the pipeline, but they do have the infrastructure, intellectual property and the contacts and experience to make Microsoft a sizable player from go if they were to buy out Motorola.  Plus, add in some connected home Motorola products connected to some Microsoft Home Media center computers by Cat5e cables and it wouldn't be too difficult to sniff out some synergy.

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