Time to Put My Laptop through Memory Rehab

My brand new laptop(8 months old) isn't feeling so new anymore.  Its getting bogged down by my 4 favorite/most utilized programs.

memory hogs

Now I have 1 gb of ram, but apparently that isn't enough to keep my machine running smoothly when the ram is at 40% capacity. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but historically it seems to hold true. No matter how much ram you have, you always need more for your computer to run "fast". Notice I'm not saying faster.

I think what I really need is to put my computer through something like drug rehab, lets call it Memory Rehab. My computer is an addict a memory junky. It needs to learn how to cope without having to constantly adjust to its increased tolerance to heavy doses of memory. There needs to be a point where enough memory is enough memory!

2 Responses:

Sheila said...

You use Dragon Naturally Speaking also? My boyfriend uses it, and enjoys it quite a bit.

BrettBum said...

I always like software or gadgets that make my life easier or make it easier for me to get more done with less effort or more efficiently.

Dragon Naturally Speaking does all of those things. It is a tool and it takes a little time to learn when to use it and when to skip it.

I tend to use it about 40-50% of the time these days.

Hopefully, DNS10 will include the ability to train the software to filter out background music (it does filter out barking dogs pretty well). I like to listen to music while I'm typing/writing and sometimes I run into issues with this and DNS running at the same time.


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