I can talk to myself, Skype is back up for me at least

Skype finally came up for me this evening.  It was down for about a day.  I didn't mind at first and was impressed with the updates on the Skype blog.  Unfortunately, the updates seemed to stop shortly after I remarked how impressed I was with their communications.

Fourteen hours later, I was finally able to log into Skype,but there are still millions of users that can not get on the network and Skype (an eBay company) reports that they are still working to get out of the woods and re-establish a reliable network.

They blame the problem on a deficiency in their algorithms (ergo there program is very buggy).  I have a cordless skype phone, but for all the good its doing me, I might as well be talking to a stuffed animals or playing with my daughters imaginary friends.

I've never experienced a problem with Skype before, but when this one hit, it really hit hard.

1 Responses:

Anon A. Mus said...

What concerned me was Skype's explanation. They blamed their outage on too many Window users applying patches to their systems. Ummm, I can't think of the number of times that I've updated all of my systems since I've been using Skype. And yet, this time was the charm?


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