Study Reveals that iPhone Touchpad is Not a Good fit for Business Users - Big Surprise There

A recent study of business users has found that people used to a Qwerty styled keypad on an existing phone have a much harder time going back to the touch pad technology that iPhones are built on.  The innovation of the software in the iPhone does not appear to compensate enough for the inherent challenges presented by touch pad screens.

Phone users that were used to texting on phones without a Qwerty keyboard faired better on the iPhone's predictive type applications.

Users also complained that they could not type as fast on a touch screen, made more mistakes and felt the touch keypad buttons were too small for their fingers resulting in even more errors.  When the hype is removed the design flaws of the iPhone have been apparent for quite some time.  iPhones are less like diamond rings and more like faux jewelry at worst and a diamond in the rough at best. 

2 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Nonsense - never previously been able to muck about with texting - now messaging is simple with my iphone (the rather nasty comment about faux jewelry says more about the writer than the iphone).

Vivek - Unholy Lord said...

Your post is completely bullshit dude... Have you ever used an iphone if not buy one and feel the typing experience... its simply sweet and the typing is more or less... doesnt feel much difference even while typing long emails..


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