Cross Browser Compatibility - say it with me Cross Browser Compatibility

I have a small pet peeve.  Some very large and respectable corporations have websites that are not compatible with one of the most popular internet browsers, Firefox.  Others are not even compatible with IE7, which still has the largest market share of users.

Corporations need to learn that if they want their message to be heard, they should insure that their web designers insure and test their sites for "Cross Browser Compatibility."

I just received and offer from a company that I love, but I couldn't get the offer to work because the link was hidden in an html button in an email and when I clicked it, Firefox started (my browser of choice for security reasons) and their website failed to work.

Here's the work around in case you have the same problem with Mindjet Connect Mindjet (MindManager) Connect Beta - How to Get Invitation to Work | Maven Mapper's Information

I see the same problem with Bank of America too.  If you are leasing office space Connecticut in you might be able to get away with a simple looking site, but as soon as you want to provide any type of dynamic functionality, you best make sure it works with both browsers and Safari and Opera while you are at it.

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