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For the last year, I've been following the development of a software program called Context Organizer from a company called Context Discovery Inc.  I started beta testing this program out 18 months ago and it had the opportunity to review its development over that time is a has worked towards achieving the goal of enabling people to automatically run a program that mind maps a webpage into MindManager.

I should add the disclaimer that might mapping is not its center functionality, just one that interests me the most.  The program actually focuses on reading the actual sentences are present on a webpage, determining their context and in summarizing that context.  Along the way they tend to eliminate a door or reduce the emphasis of short textual phrases that appear in meta tags, images, buttons and other navigational areas and even advertisements.

This enables the mechanical eye of the program to review the actual sentences insurgent group goes into arrangements that would make sense to an actual person.  It's the summary or the final output that can then be mind mapped.

There are in a lot of ways it can use this type of program, but I like to point out the generic example that might he faced by many people.  Let's say you're doing some light research and you stumble across a New York Times article on soccer.  Now if you're looking for the information to describe what this article is about, or what a particular page of the articles, summarize and have it written into a MindManager mind map. 

Now, you probably don't care about any the advertisements on that same particular webpage and so you would want to see an advertisement about soccer trophies that happens to be in the lower right-hand corner of the website.  This program can strip out that advertisements text and help you ignore it and focus on the actual information on the page.

Context Organizer enables users to instantly find the most significant content on web pages, Outlook e-mails, Google search results and in office documents. Context Organizer version for MindManager automatically generates Mindjet MindManager maps. With seamless integration into Microsoft Office applications the product helps to reduce information overload by helping users find critical information quickly when browsing or searching. Users can easily drill down on important keywords to quickly focus on the most relevant information.

Henry Lewkowicz, Context Discovery's CEO says: "It's all about context and focus. One of our main objectives is to pierce through the data on the Internet and instantly zoom on the core information. When information is presented in context it becomes relevant and we don't suffer from information overload. M-Urge specializes in distribution of knowledge management products and is a recognized leader within the UK in providing tools and solutions for businesses and educational organizations. Context Discovery and M-Urge are exceptionally well suited to offer their customers effective productivity tools that reduce information overload." 

Context Discovery Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with M-Urge to Sell Context Organizer

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