Goodbye TiVo - Going to miss you

I am waiting on hold right now to cancel my TiVo account.  I am in the middle of an extended temporary housing situation, and the TiVo is going in a box for a while as I am stuck with a crappy DVR from Dish right now.


I do plan on picking TiVo back up again in the future, but its not in the cards to keep it right now.  Besides, by the time I am ready to use TiVo again, my TiVo box will likely be outdated.  I suspect that I will probably be looking for an upgrade at that time and the old TiVo will head to the garage sale or maybe the kids room.

The 5 Month Pause

But TiVo surprised me with a smart 'save the account' counter offer.  They offered me a 5 month billing pause on the account.  No strings attached other than they don't have to lose a customer nor go through the expense of setting up and closing down an account.  I probably needed 7 months, but 5 months will at least get me closer.  Unlike a bank or something that might give a digital camera for signing up for a mortgage, when I don't need a digital camera.

So TiVo met me a little past halfway and provided a solution that I did need.

Kudos to TiVo

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